THE B BoX was created to give small businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small nonprofits an opportunity to set up shop right in the heart of the engine of Waterloo Region, downtown Kitchener. With a full slate of amenities and the most desired location just blocks from literally everything, THE B BoX is The place to un-box your business potential.Housed in the former Boehmer Box Factory, this eclectic and funky office space was designed to provide you with a professional AND creative working environment that can grow as your business grows.



workspaceWhether you are dreaming up the next tech ‘unicorn’ or taking tentative next-steps in your career journey, finding a place for your business (or business idea) to call home is an important decision. office space is a great solution. Here are the top 5 reasons to co-work:

Low start-up cost: No long-term leases. No ‘other office expenses’. Just the right kind of office space for you to grow your business by working in a fully equipped office without the hassle and the costs of setting up an actual office.
Flexibility: Co-working spaces In Kitchener offer more flexibility to adapt and grow to changing opportunities. Got a three-month contract and need a desk? Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly terms available. Project has grown and now you need more desks for you and your team? You can scale-up your footprint to meet the need.
Central location: To get to the heart of the matter, great office spaces offer entrepreneurs a chance to set up shop right in the business heart of the city center, blocks away from growth opportunities at a fraction of the cost of a cubicle farm.

Networking opportunities: From casual lunch conversations to more formal meet-and-mingle events, co-working spaces provide entrepreneurs and business people with a roomful of potential collaborators, partners, vendors and clients.Promotes work-life balance: For many entrepreneurs, separating ‘work’ from ‘home’ can be difficult as the business-brain tends to keep ticking regardless of the clock. Having a office space, away from your home, helps to promote an enhanced sense of work-life balance (and contributes to a less cluttered living space).



coworking space is openMention ‘co-working space’ to many people and they’ll probably think of a technology start-up. And while it is true that many tenants of co-working spaces tend to be ‘start-ups’, there’s a vibrant eco-system of diverse businesses, industries and organizations that make their home in co-working spaces, including:

Community arts organizations seeking a bigger canvas for their dream projects
Social housing nonprofits that need bigger homes for their growing teams
Newly-minted lawyers or accountants opening their first practices and ready to network and connect.
Caterers in need of a small office for those times when there are too many cooks in the kitchen.
And, yes, tech start-ups, too, from Fintech to Cleantech, from bitcoin to quantum computing and  every bit and pixel in between.

So if you are sowing the seeds of your new business or simply need room to grow, regardless of what you plan to harvest from your efforts, consider planting yourself in a co-working space.




location kitchenerIn real estate, the mantra LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION applies equally to commercial as it does to residential property appeal. “Better to have the smallest house in the best neighbourhood’ goes the conventional wisdom, based upon the premise that a better neighbourhood will possess better amenities, better infrastructure and, yes, better neighbours.
When you are running a business, you want your ‘neighbours’ to be like-minded and possible partners for growth and development. And you want your neighbourhood to be chock-a-block full of opportunities, be they business-growth or lunchtime-fun related. In that regard, downtown Kitchener (or #DTK to its social media friends and followers), is the PERFECT place to run a business.

A future-focused civic government has invested billions in economic development, transit and affordable housing – and global business giants like Google have noticed and opened HQs throughout the City of Kitchener’s dynamic downtown core. Tech hubs and arts incubators. Deep thinkers and action takers. Hip restaurants and funky shops. All the movers and shakers….plus gluten-free bakers.